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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ an overexaggerated sequel


— 20TH CENTURY FOX— 20TH CENTURY FOXWhat is that smell? Can you smell that? Can you?

That is the smell of eggs cooking or to be more precise, that is the smell of Eggsy cooking — cooking up some serious action sequences in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”

Taron Egerton is back as the sharp-mouthed and even sharper dressed rufian turned elite Englishman and Kingsman in this sequel to 2015’s action spy flick.

Shortly after the end of the first film is where “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” picks up. An old nemesis comes back to haunt Eggsy and the Kingsmen leave their headquarters destroyed.

Enter supervillain — Poppy played by the wonderful Julianne Moore. Poppy holds the world hostage by poisoning all the world’s drug users and tries to extort countries to pay a ransom for the cure.

A quaint plot point and concept is made all the funnier by the U.S. President in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” a man in a red tie willing to let the “druggies” die.

With little left and looking for help, the Kingsmen’s journey leads them to the discovery of the Statesmen, an allied spy organization in the U.S. Now with the help of the Statesman, the two elite secret organizations look to defeat Poppy.

Weirdly, there is an actual actress in the film named Poppy — Poppy Delevingne. It’s only one of the many weird things that didn’t help “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” since for me watching the film was already a weird experience.

The pinnacle of weird was Moore’s mentally deranged, 50s housewife/Stepford Wives persona making a cannibal burger set to Buddy Holly’s “Raining in My Heart.” In Moore’s case, the weirdness of her character works in her favor and makes it easily her best performance since “The Kids are Alright.”

Although, I am eagerly awaiting her and Matt Damon’s film, “Suburbicon.”

What made “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” such a weird experience for me was how I felt about the movie as I watched the beginning of it. The first 45 minutes of the film was stupid, insanely stupid. As stupid as a movie as I have seen in along time.

The action was overly exaggerated to the point of stupidity, and that is on top of the poor CGI work that looked completely fake. Add in a completely sub-par story lead-in and you will see why I felt the way I did and why I wanted to leave, but I didn’t leave. I stuck it out ,and I am glad I did. “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is a film that, as it progresses, gets better and better.

Egerton is as perfect for the character of Eggsy as he was in the first film. Strapping in a suit with just enough thuggish, yet hip street cred to pull off selling the story. “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” does what many sequels before it have, and that is upped the ante on everything that made the first movie successful.

The film has a Texas-size ante in the form of Channing Tatum, who plays Tequila, a southern playboy and Statesman agent. Before anyone gets their hopes up, Tatum’s role is minor. Though the role may be small, it is memorable.

When isn’t Tatum taking his clothes off memorable. It is no “Magic Mike,” but trust me, watching Tatum dance the jig in little more than cowboy boots will do it for anyone.

If that doesn’t, the “Rocket Man” himself may have something to say. “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” reaches absurdity, full beautiful absurdity, when Elton John decked out in a rainbow feather suit and glitter boots takes down three armed guards.

Very few can bring the panache Elton John can. Even fewer can take an already over the top film and bring it to the next level, turning in a funny but flamboyantly grand performance.

Elton John certainly does know how to steal a show.

Equally pleasant is watching a film that knows what it is and is unafraid to laugh at itself, even using it to take the film to another level.

Yet I am going to go full circle and end up all the way back where I started, I should have left. Should have is a little strong, I could have left and either way I would have been fine.

“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” is a very fun film and I did enjoy it by the end, but I also could have done without it.

Everything I remember is cowboy Tatum, Flamboyant Big Bird Elton, and creepy Moore — all had little to do with the film or the main characters except for Moore.

If anyone were to ask me my “official” opinion or if I would ever watch “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” again, I say, in the words of Buddy Holly, “That’ll be the Day.”


Jason Guyer is an avid moviegoer and works in the Graphics Department at the Eagle Times. For questions or comments he can be emailed at guyerj@eagletimes.com

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