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Chester man appears in court after 3rd alleged victim comes forward


CHESTER — Three more charges have been filed against 18-year-old Ryan Stocker of Chester, who appeared in court in White River Junction on Monday, Aug. 7 to face those charges. Stocker has pleaded not guilty to the new charges.

A jury drawing is scheduled for December.

Ludlow Police filed the case on Monday, following an interview with Stocker on Aug. 5. 

Stocker was already facing charges in two other cases in which he is alleged to have sexually assaulted two fellow Green Mountain Union High School (GMUHS) students. 

According to an affidavit filed by Ludlow Police Sgt. Richard King, another alleged victim claimed to have been assaulted by Stocker twice in 2015, when she was 14 and Stocker was 16. Police have charged him with kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, and lewd and lascivious conduct with a child. 

One of the two incidents allegedly took place in Ludlow in July 2015. The girl and Stocker were both attending a party on Main Street in Ludlow, and the girl, who said she had been drinking, wanted something from a nearby convenience store. Stocker offered to join her, she told police, because he wanted to talk. They wound up on a hill past the Baptist Church on High Street, all acording to the affidavit. 

The girl provided further details of that alleged encounter to police. According to the affidavit, Stocker attempted to have the girl touch him inappropriately, but “she was able to pull her hand away before any contact was made.” 

The girl said she fell to the ground, had lost her shoes, and her nose ring was torn away, among other details of the alleged inident. She was eventually able to flee the scene, all according to information provided in the affidavit. 

Another incident is said to have taken place at party in Mount Holly in June 2015. According to the affidavit, the alleged victim claimed Stocker kept trying to have sex with her. The girl told police she had been drinking and had been vomiting. She claimed that Stocker carried her into a bedroom, lay her on a bed, locked the door, and prevented her from leaving.

Two people from the party got into the room, and one started fighting with Stocker, giving the girl a chance to get out and rejoin the party, all according to the affidavit presented in court on Aug. 7. Because this allegedly happened in Rutland County, the court there will take that up.

After his arrest, Judge Thomas Devine set bail at $100,000, and Stocker was taken to the Southern State Correctional Facility (SSCF) in Springfield.

Stocker is scheduled for a status conference on Sept. 19, and a jury drawing is slated for Dec. 7.

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